A Proven Guide to Double Your Income by Decluttering Your Messes Posted By : Raymond Aaron

The very most important concept I have personally discovered on the topic of Double Your Income is clutter. Or, should I say declutter The most oft-quoted statement I have ever made is Every Mess Is A Lock On The Gate Which Keeps Abundance Out it means that, no matter how hard you try and effort, you will be constantly thwarted in your attempt to earn more money if you have lots of Messes. For example, you may have physical Messes, like: Messy basement Messy garage..

7 Tips for Wealth and Success Posted By : DJ Britton

The Science of Getting Rich is a classic of the self help genre. It has inspired generations of entrepreneurs, business owners and free thinkers and was credited as the inspiration behind the Law of Attraction book and movie phenomenon The Secret. In it the author lays out a blueprint for achieving financial success and getting rich.


If soul uplifting is our aim we are advised to perform high leveled Gayatri Meditation. Along with this on a daily basis one must execute Yajna activities Gayatri Japa requires mental focus via Mantra Chanting whereas Agnihotra requires Yajna materials like Charu, fuel, Ghee etc. Those who cannot procure all these can perform Agnihotra utilizing only wooden sticks or Samidha to light the Yanja Fire. Its sacred mission is that despite a lack of material means Agnihotra must be performed via physical labor and available basic means.

Are You Living Your Purpose? Posted By : Ken Keis

As each of you read this article, take a moment to reflect on your life. What do you see? Do you see someone who has embraced life to its fullest In conversations with friends, colleagues, and new acquaintances, I still come across many who are searching for their personal purpose or life direction. Especially the baby boomers, who, I have observed, want to move from success to significance in their lives. It is not as if their life is traumatized or currently unsatisfactory but clarity around their personal purpose seems to elude them

How to Become a Millionaire Posted By : Thedy Malayan

When Aladdin rubbed the magic lamp, an all-powerful Genie appeared to grant him three wishes. One of his wishes was to leave his riffraff street-rat life in Agrabah, and become the rich, wealthy Prince Ali of Ababwa. If only being a millionaire was as easy as rubbing a magic lamp, we’d all be able to fulfill our dreams of wealth and financial security.

The Importance of Values Posted By : Kimbles

Values are standards by which you choose to live your life by to the best of your ability every day. And by so doing they enable you to focus on what is really important in your life. The natural outcome of living and practicing your values is a life full of joy, and inspiration.